December 23, 2010

Bright Red UFO Spotted

GLADSTONE is being visited by UFOs, according to a Gladstone local.
The local listed sighting a strange, bright red object Monday morning on a UFO sighting website.

The website, The UFO Clearinghouse, accepts reports from people who have seen something they can’t explain, hence, an unidentified flying object (UFO).

“While at work in the state forest north of Gladstone, I noticed to my left a bright red light,” the local who remained anonymous said.

“Thinking I might have a car coming through the bush towards me, I moved out of the donga I was in and waited for the car to arrive.

“I went outside and noticed that the light was above the tree line above the north end of Mount Larcom.

However, the witness couldn’t work out if it was round or any other shape.

“There were times the light hurt my eyes but not enough for me to look away. I noted that it was slowly moving downwards on the other side of the Mount Larcom range

“There were no other light sources located outside the donga, and no other reason what this red light might have been caused from.”

UFO Research Queensland chair Sheryl Gottschall told The Observer this year alone they have had 123 reported sightings from the public.

“What we find is that the reports come from a broad cross section of society,” Ms Gottschall said.

“We have people from small business owners to professional people like lawyers, teachers and pilots. We get reports from basically everybody,” she said.

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