August 6, 2012

'UFO' spotted over Childers

Childers woman Diane Styles has taken a series of photographs of a mysterious object she spotted in the sky near her home early one morning last month.
Mrs Styles said she went outside about 5.40am to light her incinerator. "I could see two stars, one of which was extremely bright, in a place where I hadn't seen one before," she said.
Mrs Styles said she thought at first the bright star was the light of an aircraft, but then she noticed it wasn't moving. "I went inside and got my camera and took a series of standard shots of it," she said.
"Then I zoomed in as close as I could and took some more pictures." Mrs Styles said she downloaded the photos to her computer and took a closer look at the objects.
She said over the sequence of 12 photos she could see the two stars merged into one and changed shape.
"It looks like it's got little lights all around it," she said. "Then it looks like it's opening up into a dome on a round bottom." Mrs Styles said somebody she knew suggested the object could be a comet or meteor, but it had no tail.
"I told my friend about it and she said she'd seen it early in the morning on the day before," she said.
Agnes Water UFO researcher Mary Rodwell said what Mrs Styles had described was consistent with other sightings around the world. Alloway Observatory director Mac Jonsen examined the photos yesterday
and said they looked like the camera had moved while someone was trying to take a picture of a star.
"It certainly doesn't look like an object to me," Mr Jonsen said. He said he had been in astronomy for 60 years and had never seen anything that looked like a UFO, and nor had any other astronomer he knew.

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