September 28, 2011

UFO Sightings To 'Soar' As Weather Warms

EAGLE-eyed UFO hunters are expecting a surge in sightings as the weather starts to warm.

The state's premier alien hunter, UFOs Queensland's Martin Gottschall said there had been an increase in Gold Coast sightings since the Sun first reported a sharp drop two months ago.

He said this trend would continue as people now started to spend more time outside at night.

"UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, are often unusual lights in the night sky and really informed observers will recognise the shimmering heat-like effect they give off, similar to jet exhaust," he said.

"However, this effect is because the craft is manipulating space-time rather than burning fuel."

"We would love people to get involved if we can get a good signal of activity."

The sighting of a UFO is known as a close encounter of the first kind, while physical evidence is the second.

Actual contact with a UFO is a close encounter of the third kind.

Mr Gottschall said it was important for sightings of UFOs to be reported.

"The passion we have for this is different for everyone but is mostly about searching for the truth about visitations from other species," he said.

"We would certainly like to understand the good reason authorities have for holding information back. They do not want us to make too much progress too fast because it would leave a lot of people frustrated."

The latest reported sighting in the region occurred at Murwillumbah at the beginning of this month when nine residents saw between three and six objects perform manoeuvres while emitting pulsating lights.

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