December 2, 2011

Coast UFO Account Baffles Experts

IT'S light Jim, but not as we know it. The Gold Coast Hinterland this month was the setting for what the state's premier alien hunters are calling one of the strangest UFO sightings on record.

Queensland's UFO Research Centre is investigating an anonymous report from a local resident about a three-hour close encounter of the "first'' kind in the skies above the city on November 18.

The Friday night started out like any other when the Varsity Lakes woman went outside for a cigarette and observed the Leonid meteor shower.

After counting more than 18 of the celestial objects she noted a "large light'' in the northern sky which she says was "strobing and flashing''. Just moments later the object was joined by two other lights to create a triangular formation which, she says, was both red and silver in colour. The report shows the objects performed "impossible'' manoeuvres in the sky and would "sparkle'' as they moved through the clouds, creating an "atmospheric phenomenon''. The woman finally went into her house after being bitten by mosquitoes. It is understood she was not probed by or had any contact with the object.

The Research Centre's Dr Martin Gottschall said typical UFO encounters lasted mere seconds.  "Colour changes are normal, especially when UFOs use clouds as cover while they conduct surveillance,'' he said.

Dr Gottschall said people should keep a camera with them at all times. "If they film something unusual it could be a rewarding experience,'' he said. Report sightings to 07 33761780 or

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