May 31, 2012

Sydney- Is it a UFO? Flying objects spotted hovering over

Sydney's reputation for being a great place to visit has clearly spread to the stars, with four unidentified flying objects spotted hovering over the city's suburbs on Monday afternoon.
A photograph capturing the four UFO's - which witnesses said hovered in the same spot for more than 10 minutes before simply disappearing - was snapped from Tom Ugly's Bridge Marina just before 5pm.

Photographer Ivan Mikkelsen, from nearby Sylvania Waters,
said he first noticed the objects through a window on his boat before stepping outside to confirm the unusual objects weren't simply a reflection or a trick of the light.

"We just looked up and they were there. They were just sort
of hovering there,'' Mr Mikkelsen said.

"They were quite high in the air, which is why I thought they
might be aeroplanes at first, but they weren't, they didn't move.''

He said about five people at the marina paused to watch the stationary objects as they glowed over the city's west before they simply disappeared as quickly as they came.

"They just blinked and disappeared, whooshka, they were gone,''
Mr Mikkelsen said.

"I'm a bit sceptical, but it wasn't a reflection, it wasn't laser beams,
it wasn't anything else.''

A spokesman for Airservices Australia, which managed aviation traffic,
said they had not had any reports of unusual objects on Monday afternoon.

"We have had no reports of any unidentified flying object activity
over the greater Sydney area on Monday evening,'' he said.

"However, at just before 5pm on Monday, there were a number
of commercial aircraft operating.''

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krystel gabuat said...

We sighted this as well. Me and my boyfriend thought we were going crazy. It was around 7pm, A night in August, looking up we saw a singular light that was blinking. it wasn't moving but then we realized that another light was doing the same thing about a km away and that it was one mass body. There was a hovering noise, similar to wind blowing within a tunnel or like air going through a heater unlike that of planes or helicopters.We realized that it was massive but it appeared the same as the photo you took. we could not see the main body, only the lights, it was a clear light and looking up it was just dark. It also disappeared within 30 to 40 minutes. After that,we decided not to discuss it further and thought it was probably a new vehicle being tested.