May 21, 2012

UFO Amnesty to be Considered by Pentagon? of Defense Leon Panetta and General David Petraeus are being asked to grant UFO amnesty to servicemen who want to speak publicly about alien visitations.
Retired Army Col. John Alexander is behind the effort for more UFO disclosure in the military. He is asking the Department of Defense to allow service men and women to share their paranormal experiences with the American people.
Transparency is always the best option. What is the government afraid of? The average person already believes in intelligent life in other places in the universe, so why all the secrecy?
In fact, if the Pentagon does grant UFO amnesty, it would quell some of the conspiracy theories out there. The government only creates more suspicion by hiding information.
Alexander may just be trying to promote his new book, but he makes some great points.
Many very intelligent people believe in UFOs. Gen. Douglas MacArthur warned of a future in which humans would fight a war against alien invaders. What's more, ex-NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell has said the government is actively covering up proof of extraterrestrials.
It's time for the government to come clean, and approve UFO Amnesty for military members seeking to share their experiences with the people they protect.

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